Why You Should Love Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

Why You Should Love Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

Modern farmhouse design has, in recent years, been made popular by HGTV and their TV star Joanna Gaines. And we can see why. Modern farmhouse combines rustic design components with clean lines and neutral tones – taking the best of sleek modern and mixing it with homey farmhouse. Ava, a cabinet designer out of our London, Ontario showroom, describes this contemporary-meets-traditional style:

“While modern farmhouse designs might be having a moment, that doesn’t mean that this style will become obsolete. Instead of choosing the in the moment colours and materials, go for options that have been and will always be fashionable like neutrals, palatable woods, and timeless hardware.

Modern Farmhouse is a more refined elegant style with simplified lines and warm, cozy finishes for a timeless comfortable look.”

white modern farmhouse with wood

Who would we recommend considering a modern farmhouse style

Modern farmhouse is a healthy mix of traditional and contemporary. We would suggest exploring this style to clients that have a love for both classic and more current interiors. As Heather, a Braam’s designer from our Birmingham, Michigan, explains:

“Modern farmhouse design is a blend of old school treasures with new school design. Think modern elements like smooth lines and polished accents blended with natural elements.  Modern farmhouse is less rustic and more refined than the classic farmhouse design.”

The stunning combination of two opposing styles is a win for anyone that can’t see their homes without a touch of both spirits. You get the best of each world: the warmth of traditional details and the structure of modern elements. What you’re left with is a beautiful interior with details that contemporary admirers and traditional lovers will have something to appreciate.

white and wood modern farmhouse

However, we know that some people have a concern that is valid. Is this contemporary farmhouse interior style something of a trend? Or is it an approach that could be seen as more timeless? We like to think of it as the latter. As Ava tells us:

“I think done the right way it is very timeless. Avoiding trendy colours, tiles and countertops is key. “

white modern farmhouse contemporary farmhouse

But how do you design for modern farmhouse?

So you’ve decided that you want a modern farmhouse kitchen, bathroom, office, or library. After reading this article, you now want to learn how to achieve the HGTV quality home of your dreams. We have a few tips to help you on your way as Ava and Heather advises:

  • Typical cabinet colours for in modern farmhouse design would be a soft white (like Chantilly lace) or even a classic grey. If you were looking for wood, we like white oak in a bleached stain. We love two-tone modern farmhouse kitchens with a wood island!
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, a gorgeous navy or even black statement pieces make for a bold space.
  • Opt for light colour colours for countertops. We prefer quartzite and marble.
  • Choose simple hardware pieces like long pulls or even smaller latches in honey bronze or ash grey finishes. Modest, uncomplicated hardware is key for this style.

Overall, you can really make this design style fit your home how you see working best. As Ava points out:

“My advice to any client is always to choose the style that suits their taste and makes them feel right at home.”

white and grey modern farmhouse wood island

Stay with the times without giving into a trend

Modern farmhouse design is a great way to stay relevant within the design realm without sacrificing traditional taste. Interpretation within this particular style is up to the homeowner. You have the freedom to incorporate as much modern elements or as much traditional details you see as best. The key in designing and building a home you love is making sure to include the aspects you enjoy and leave out what doesn’t.

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