How to Make a Great Interior with Cabinet Details

How to Make a Great Interior with Cabinet Details

Often overlooked, your space’s cabinet details hold the power to transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Small details within cabinetry tend to be subtle in nature but can influence the look and function of your home. The aesthetic you wish to achieve can determine what you would like to include within your cabinetry and we’re here to guide you along your journey. Let’s go over some of our favourite cabinet details.

Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Dovetail drawer boxes are a great way to add quiet luxury to your home. Dovetailing is when the joints at the back and at the front of the drawer are put together like a puzzle piece. The end result is a stunning detail only visible when opening a drawer. While small, this cabinet detail can go a long way. This design element also helps in the overall integrity of the drawer box as experts consider the dovetail joint one of the strongest joints in millwork. High quality dovetail drawer boxes will be handcrafted and made custom to fit your cabinetry. The joints should be flush within itself and be smooth to the touch.


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Serving both an aesthetic and a functional purpose, custom cut-outs are a unique way to add some flare to your space. Some cut outs – like ones placed up high on a door front – can look sleek without being too busy. These types of cut outs work best on a minimalist door style within a mudroom or a powder room. Other cut outs can replace a traditional floor vent. These types of cut outs work well in any room and blend seamlessly into the cabinetry. We refer to these types of cut outs as ventilation grill cut outs and they not only look great but provide a home with a necessary function.

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Custom Hardware using Millwork

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Creating your own hardware that is individual to your home is also a great option. Whether it be inset hardware, cutout hardware, or even creating your own pulls and knobs, choosing to create your own custom hardware is fantastic a fantastic way to set your home apart from others. Custom hardware made through millwork gives a more natural feel to the space. Often in more contemporary and modern spaces, this type of hardware looks very chic, current, and adds just a touch of elegant interest to a home.

Don’t Undervalue Cabinet Details

Cabinet details are such an important component to the overall look and feel of a space. Small details might feel tedious to think about, but they are a critical element in your cabinetry design. When done thoughtfully, these small details can help elevate your home in both function and aesthetic.

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