How Custom Cabinets Can Increase Home Value

How Custom Cabinets Can Increase Home Value

It is no secret that custom cabinets are an investment. The price tag that comes with custom cabinets can be scary for some homeowners – especially when there are much cheaper options available. So why would a homeowner opt for custom cabinets over stock cabinets? Simply put, the inclusion of custom cabinets can increase the resale value of your home. In fact, updating your kitchen can potentially yield a 75% Return on Investment with studies touting a 80% – 100% ROI for homes with custom cabinets. But why exactly would upgrading your home have such a positive influence on your home’s value? Let’s explore some reasons why.

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One characteristic of custom cabinetry is the overall quality of the product. Superior craftsmanship and utmost care are the cornerstone in the production of this type of cabinet. While stock cabinets might stand up for a few years, their custom counterpart can last a lifetime. This means that future owners won’t have to worry about updating the kitchen until the time is right. Moving into a home with minimal need to change anything can be a big selling point to some homebuyers.

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Cabinets are meant to help with everyday tasks. They help with organization, with decluttering, and with space optimization. In comparison to stock cabinetry, a lot of planning and fine-tuning goes into the production and installation of custom cabinets. Cabinet designers meticulously map out the cabinetry to make sure everything fits perfectly. Accessories and inserts are added to increase the functionality of your home. The purpose of all this is so that a homeowner can move about in their day with as little resistance as possible – a big plus to any homeowner.

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Aesthetics are a big selling point for a home and custom cabinets are known for their visual appeal. With a combination of both quality and thoughtful design, custom cabinetry can be one of the best choices any homeowner can make. Quality supports the overall look of the millwork – meaning no unsightly chips or wonky lines – and thoughtful design means nothing will look out of place or awkward. There is something so luxurious about waking up every morning in a beautiful home that you are proud to call your own.

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Custom cabinets are worth it

Yes, there are less expensive options. But those won’t give you near the same return as a superior product. While we argue for the value of your home, there is also a quality of life factor. The quality of the product, the functionality of your space, and the overall aesthetic appeal of your home are important just in your every day life. We don’t think you’ll regret it.

If you are wanting to take the first steps in your custom cabinet journey, please be sure to reach out to us. We will be happy to help you along the way.