4 Trends We Spotted from KBIS 2018

4 Trends We Spotted from KBIS 2018

So it’s been about two weeks since KBIS 2018 and we’ve finally digested everything we saw this year.kbis 2018 Orlando

We managed to avoid the rain and the cold spell in Orlando and enjoyed the warmer weather and bright sun along with an amazing atmosphere at the Orange County Convention Centre for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. After sorting through the MANY pictures and videos we took, we’ve identified the trendiest design ideas and movements of this year’s show. So, let’s take a look!

1. Waterfall Countertops

waterfall countertop
Granite, marble, porcelain, quartz..the material doesn’t matter, waterfall is in! Waterfall edge gives your kitchen a sleek look with clean lines while creating a subtle statement piece for the space. Best part? No more scuffed and scratched end panels! We’re giving this trend the thumbs up.

2. Multi-level Islands and Butcher Blocks

multi-level island

This design trend allows you to create a little extra space in your kitchen while playing with different textures, colours, and materials. Multi-level islands designate eating areas from prep stations which is perfect for those who love to entertain. Butcher blocks, on the other hand, allow for a smaller area for slicing and chopping so might be more ideal for those with smaller spaces.

3. Two Tone Cabinetry

Moving away from the traditional white kitchen, people are beginning to gravitate towards a more colourful kitchen palette. Whether it is a dark island with white wall cabinets or white uppers with stained lower cabinets, this trend blends serene white with eye-catching colour to create the perfect blend. The colour breaks up the monotony while creating a focal point in your space. Safe to say this trend looks like it’ll be sticking around.

4. Tech

In a world where we are constantly moving forward, it is no surprise that technology related designs and products made a big splash at KBIS this year. From fridges that will text you if you’re out of milk to drawers with full charging stations inside to faucets that are 3D printed, tech-related design is sure to help make your living space just a little bit easier.
See you at KBIS 2019!