Kitchen Cabinet Accessories That We Are Crazy About

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories That We Are Crazy About

Choosing kitchen cabinet accessories can be a tricky undertaking. What will you need in your new kitchen? What will provide the most value to your everyday life? What will look great while still being practical? Innovation in kitchen design and kitchen accessories can be daunting to sift through. So here are a few cabinet accessories that the Braam’s design team loves the most.

wood kitchen with black hood

Cutlery Inserts

Cutlery inserts are a must. These small accessories provide the luxury of organization and can really take your kitchen to the next level. We love to see a beautiful wood cutlery insert – maple is our favourite – inside a dove-tail drawer box. This combination is not only functional but helps elevate your kitchen: plastic inserts might be cheap and convenient, but wooden inserts are elegant and long-lasting. As Keri, a member of our Oakville design team explains: “Cutlery and utensil inserts are great and custom ones to organize dish towels, wraps, foils [etcetera].  But, in my opinion, they should be maple inserts inside a dovetail drawer, really gives that custom look.” Something that Taral, also from our Oakville showroom echoes: “They make a kitchen functional and more custom!”.

white kitchen with maple cutlery organizer

Cabinet Pull-Outs

Pull-out accessories are pieces of hardware that does exactly what the name describes them as – they pull out when you open a cabinet. Pull-outs are most useful for spices, cooking oils, or even waste receptacles like recycling or trash. These kitchen accessories are great for ease of use: think spices near your food prep area or oils by your range. These kinds of pull-outs help with – as Kristen from our London team says – with function, access, and makes cleanup much easier. These types of pull-outs can look great, make your kitchen a lot more workable, and give you the ability to organize one of the busiest areas in your home with no trouble. It’s a win-win!

black kitchen with spice rack organization

Tray Dividers

Tray dividers are mechanisms within a cabinet that provide individual storage for trays – cookie sheets, cutting boards, even baking dishes. These allow you to store different trays vertically for easy storage and easy access. We typically see clients choosing to put these dividers next to the fridge or the range so that they can easily locate the cooking utensil they want. These dividers are sleek, can match the interior of your cabinets, and hide within a standard looking cabinet. Like every other kitchen accessory on this list, tray dividers let you move about your kitchen much more easily: they allow for better function, better organization, and better convenience.

white kitchen wood interior cabinets with tray organization

Kitchen cabinet accessories make your life easier

Cabinet accessories in the kitchen are there for you to be able to move about your kitchen with no problem. All the accessories that we mention all these things in common: increase in organization, ease of access, better room functionality, and can fit within the aesthetic goals of your kitchen. We recommend you decide what you really want out of your kitchen and what might make your day-to-day life a bit easier. Our picks are in no way a comprehensive list of options, but we are always HERE TO GIVE ADVICE on your kitchen projects. In the end, as Lisa from our London team says: “There is lots more, but that is really any extra a client wants to have.”