5 Kitchen Design Trends That We Love

5 Kitchen Design Trends That We Love

Kitchen design trends are constantly changing. Anyone looking into building a new home or renovating their current kitchen knows the difficulty of staying in fashion, but wanting their new kitchen to stay as timeless as possible. And we believe that staying trendy doesn’t mean giving up the longevity of your home’s design! We’ve chosen five of our favourite design trends that we believe will stand the test of time.

Wooden Cabinets and Accents

wood and white kitchen

Bringing in a more organic mix of wooden cabinets and accent pieces is definitely a kitchen design trend that we can get behind! This trend is a great way to add some beautiful dimension to your kitchen. Go for a warmer tone stain for a more cozy feel or opt for a cooler tone stain to bring some drama into your space. This is a great way to bring a more natural element to your kitchen – not to mention the stunning wood grain details that comes with it. This design choice is versatile and is worth putting on your “must-need” list.

Black Painted Cabinets

black and white kitchen

Black painted cabinets are a kitchen design trend for homeowners looking to make a statement. A striking design choice, black cabinetry is not only unforgettable, but can mix into any style you desire. From contemporary to traditional, smartly choosing the specific shade of black – and if it will act as the principal colour choice or as a highlighting element – is key in making sure this dramatic colour will mesh into your home’s aesthetic.

Metallic Details

metallic details black kitchen

This shimmery kitchen design trend is for anyone that wants a bit of glam in their everyday life. Adding either a warm gold or a cool silver will automatically bring a bit of extra intensity to your home. These detail pieces look best as banding on your range hood or even as frames on your kitchen cabinet doors. Bonus points if you can match your cabinet hardware to these chic metallic accents.

Hidden Appliances

wood kitchen hidden fridge paneled appliance

Hiding your kitchen appliances is a kitchen design trend that helps you achieve your kitchen style the way you want. Some appliances – like fridges and dishwashers – might not look how you would like in a more modern space. Panel ready appliances to the rescue! These types of appliances allow you to install a cabinet panel on top on the appliances to hide something that not might match your interior style. This means not having to search for an appliance that blends well into your kitchen. Instead, you are able to install the appliance seamlessly into the space with a panel that is made to match your cabinetry. It’s a win-win!

Open Shelving

open shelving white kitchen with gold

The open shelving kitchen design trend is perfect for homeowners that like to style their kitchen with decorative kitchen pieces. While this might mean planters and photos for some, it could mean more ornamental kitchen utensils like an elegant cutting board or charming spice containers. These types of shelves are a great way to show your personality and add some individualized character to your kitchen. We love the addition of unique knickknacks into any space and open shelves can help those items look less like clutter.

Kitchen Design Trends Are not Permanent

Unfortunately, kitchen design trends are not going to stay around forever. They are constantly fluid and everchanging. Finding a trend you love and that you could see staying stylish for longer than a year or two is important in making sure you will be happy with your choice in a couple years. Be sure to REACH OUT to our design team in helping guide you through your own kitchen project if you’re having trouble deciphering between “just a trend” and the ever sought over “timeless” choices. Otherwise, we hope our list helps you with making your own kitchen design choices.