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Range Hoods: Important Info You Need To Know

Range hoods are a staple in almost every kitchen. Whether you’d like to make it a statement piece or would prefer to conceal it, including a range hood is important for any home. Most notably, these appliances are in charge of keeping the air in your kitchen free from toxins and odor. But we’re here to tell you that range hoods provide a myriad of other benefits. Let’s break it down.

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They Provide Better Air Quality

Steam, toxins, and smells are all byproducts of cooking. Range hoods are built to remove these unpleasant effects of cooking by ventilating the air. Without proper ventilation, these byproducts would accumulate resulting in a kitchen that feels unclean and smells bad and who wants to be in a kitchen that feels and smells gross?

Range Hoods Make Cooking (and Cleanup) Way Better

Cooking with an oven or stovetop produces heat and this residual heat can increase the temperature of your home, making your kitchen pretty uncomfortable. Enter in a range hood: this appliance vents away heat so that you and your loved ones won’t be overheating while dinner is being made.

On top of this, range hoods also vent away the oil and the grease that splash out of pots and pans. This means less time spent wiping away grime after you’ve spent so much time preparing a meal.

hidden range hood

Range hoods also offer built-in lighting. The integrated lighting illuminates your cooking area. With the combination of heat removal, better lighting, and less mess, including a range hood into your kitchen sounds like an easy choice to make.

They Can Increase the Value of Your Home

In the late 19th century, the idea of including a range hood into your kitchen became popular. Folks were beginning to become much more concerned with their and their family’s well-being. This led to an interest in domestic science and, in turn, revealed the importance of proper ventilation.

With range hoods becoming a staple, many homebuyers are more apt to purchase a home with a range hood installed.

They Can Add Style to Your Home

The design options with a range hood are endless. Whether you want to go big and bold or keep it simple and sleek, customizing a range hood to your liking is a great way to add style into your kitchen. And who wouldn’t like an appliance that not only offers so many benefits while looking fantastic?

white hood with metal details

Range Hoods Are an Important Part of Your Kitchen

We highly recommend incorporating a range hood in your kitchen design. This appliance has so many advantages that it is hard to argue against a range hood. Better air quality, a better cooking experience, an increase in your home value, and, on top of all this, a more aesthetically pleasing home. Honestly, we aren’t even sure if there are any negatives to including a range hood!

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