Why We Love Shaker Doors

Shaker cabinet doors are an extremely popular style. No doubt you’ve walked into a home and have gone into a kitchen to see a set of shaker door style cabinets. With clean edges and a recessed middle panel, shaker cabinets are known for their aesthetically pleasing, simple design. But why does everyone love this style of cabinet doors? Let’s dig into why Braam’s – and maybe everyone else in the construction world – love shaker style doors.

shaker door style cabinets

Shaker doors are versatile

While many folks believe that the shaker door style to be true to its namesake, shaker cabinets are adaptable from interior style to interior style. Heather Hopkins – one of our cabinet designers in Birmingham, Michigan says:

“The shaker door is a favorite for its versatility and timeless look. This transitional door can easily be personalized with the right cabinet hardware, whether my client prefers a traditional look or a modern look, making it the perfect choice for many of my clients.”

In the end, it’s more about what paint color, hardware, and surrounding décor you use in your home that defines your design style. Shaker doors are simple and elegant which means they can be incorporated into just about any space. From transitional styles to contemporary designs, shaker cabinet doors are a great choice for any homeowner.

Shaker doors are not overpowering

Some spaces might call for super ornate millwork, but that might not be everyone’s style. This is where the shaker door style comes in. Shaker cabinet doors are simplistic in design and are not fussy with extra details. This door style doesn’t need it! Shaker doors are meant to be elegant and timeless – something many homeowners look for with cabinet design. Unfortunately, sometimes bolder and riskier design choices can put a date on your home, but the shaker door style is quite the opposite. This cabinet door style is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, home offices, and more. Shaker door styles are perfect for adding just a touch of sophistication to a space without stealing the whole show.

Shaker doors can be customized

Beyond just customizing your cabinets through paint colours, Braam’s offers the ability to customize every part of your cabinetry – including a custom door style. Whether it be from a photo you bring in or something you’ve come up with alone, custom doors are something in our wheelhouse. Having said that, taking a simple shaker door and adding a bead detail or even recessing the rails and stiles around the door can take your space to the next level. Shaker doors are simplistic enough that tweaking the design a little bit can take your space to the next level. We’ve even introduced some reimagined shaker door styles to our catalogue (hello reverse shaker).

We love all door styles, but shaker cabinet doors are a classic

Tried, tested, and true, the shaker door style is not going anywhere anytime soon. The design’s versatility, it’s agreeableness, and the ability to easily customize is just some of the reasons we will forever love this style of cabinet door!

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Top 3 Reasons to Buy Custom Cabinets

One of the most important parts of renovating or building a home is the cabinetry that will go into the space. Cabinetry helps fill out a room, gives the room character, and provides much needed storage space for homeowners. This means that deciding on what type of cabinetry to consider purchasing for your home is extremely important. Should you go with stock cabinetry, semi-custom cabinetry, or fully custom cabinets? Here are the top 3 reasons you should consider purchasing custom cabinets.

Customization and Custom Cabinets

As you might have guessed, the first draw for custom cabinets is the level of customization you are allowed. Unlike stock or semi-custom, fully custom cabinetry means that you can change the size, the style, the colour, and the accessories as much as you desire – as long as everything will function. Your home is a reflection of your personality and with cabinetry being a staple for every home, custom cabinets mean you can have fun with your cabinet designs. A mix between furniture and fixture, being able to achieve your overall favored look within your home is important to many homeowners, interior designers, and builders. We love when clients get creative cabinets in their homes!

On the flip side, some folks might be nervous about the cost of custom cabinets related to the customization available to you. While this kind of cabinetry can be a bit more expensive, a skilled cabinet designer will be able to work within your budget and make sure your dream cabinets can be built at the most cost effective level without sacrificing aesthetic or quality. Which brings us to our next point…

Quality and Custom Cabinets

High quality cabinets are ideal for any home builder or renovator. Cabinets are a huge part of designing a home – to kitchen cabinets, closet cabinets, bathroom cabinets, built in cabinets, and more, cabinetry remains a top priority for any homeowner. This means that finding the best quality cabinets possible is key in building a home of your dreams. Custom cabinets are known for impeccable quality and these custom made millwork pieces not only serve the appearance of your home but they also serve on a functional level. That custom kitchen you purchased will not only need to look great but needs to perform for every birthday and holiday celebration you throw. That custom bathroom vanity needs to survive all of the guests you have visiting your home without falling apart.

Above all else, you expect your cabinets to stand the test of time. As a custom cabinet shop, many clients we have enjoy their custom kitchens cabinets, custom pantry cabinets, custom bathroom cabinets, custom built in cabinets, and other custom areas for a lifetime. As long as this millwork is properly taken care of, they will last you years and years to come. If there ever is an issue with your cabinetry, the shop in which you purchased from should be able to help in servicing your cabinets. And that brings us to our last reason..

Customer Service and Custom Cabinets

Lastly, purchasing what could be considered luxury cabinets means that the cabinet shop you choose to design and build your millwork pieces should provide you top notch customer service. We are firm believers in making every client’s home building or renovating experience a positive, exciting one. From communicating with clients to having meaningful consultations to servicing a finished job, the cabinet shop you chose should be there for you every step of the way. Braam’s prides itself not only on our customization and our quality, but also in how we serve our clients and go with them through every step of their cabinet design, build, and install. Bespoke cabinets deserves bespoke service, so our aim is to make sure clients remain happy and excited through the entire process – and you’re chosen cabinet shop should do the same for you!

In conclusion..

We feel there are plenty of personal reasons for choosing custom! While the customization, the quality, and the service are good starters, you have to decide for yourself if custom cabinets are something for you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us if you have any questions..or if you are looking for a quote (wink-y face). We would be more than happy to help you!

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