3 Ways to Make Your Kitchen a Statement Space

Making the kitchen a statement space in your home is often a desire for many homeowners. With the kitchen being the heart of any home, many homeowners look to make their kitchen what guests can’t stop talking about. But how do you achieve this? By adding striking details through design elements in your cabinetry and overall kitchen design! Let’s talk a bit more about it.

Make Your Kitchen a Statement Space with Colour

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The easiest way to make a statement is with an eye-catching cabinet colour palette. While white kitchens tend to be the standard, there is something about a two or three toned kitchen that takes the space to the next level. Mix a darker tone in with your white kitchen or add some dazzling silver or gold metal details. You can even think about blending some beautiful stained wood to add some earthy, organic character into your kitchen. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even think about adding a less typical cabinet colour like green or blue. The possibilities are endless.

Make your Kitchen a Statement Space with a Custom Hood

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A custom hood is an impressive way to make your kitchen standout. If your kitchen is big enough, think about an oversized hood. Don’t have the space available for something oversized? Instead, opt for a smaller hood with interesting custom details like metal banding or moulding to help make your hood standout. Including a custom hood is a sure-fire way to elevate the aesthetic of your kitchen and an element your guests will want to incorporate into their own homes.

Make your Kitchen a Statement Space with a Custom Island

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If an island is on your “must have” list for your kitchen, consider adding custom elements to your island. Custom details can be subtle – like motion censor drawer lights – or grander – like a custom table attachment – but is a great way to make your kitchen the highlight of your home. We’ve seen islands with custom leg details to appear more like a table, islands with countertops designed to appear as if it were floating, islands with built-in wine storage, and islands with cooktops that are fully integrated into the countertop. Islands are great for storage, great for utility, and great for entertaining. Why not get creative and make your kitchen island something to talk about?

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Statement Kitchen

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The kitchen is generally where people – both guests and family – gather to spend quality time together. Whether it is cooking, eating, enjoying some morning coffee, or just chatting, designing your kitchen to be both appealing and alluring is key in making your kitchen the centerpiece of your home. Consider adding some of the elements above to your kitchen or adding all three! You can always contact us to talk about how you can put a blend of statement pieces into your kitchen. We hope that this article provides some helpful tips in making your kitchen the statement space it deserves to be.